by Mackenzie Peace, chapter reporter

The Kuna FFA Chapter held its 63rd annual Chapter Banquet on Monday, April 30, 2012. 280 FFA members, parents, and guests attended the banquet where over $21,000 worth of scholarships were awarded, with 90 plus awards, and the installment of the 2012-13 Kuna FFA Chapter officers.

Six different scholarships were awarded to FFA members for financial aid in FFA trips, and college.

Lloyd Brown FFA Scholarship – Jenica Hagler $1,000

Dale & Mary Reynolds Scholarship – Chris Ball $1,200

Wayne Blanche Kuhlman Scholarship – Kevin Brown $1,000

Bridgestone National FFA Scholarship – Jenica Hagler $2,500

Kuna FFA Advisory Committee Scholarship – $1,000 each

Brett Berheim, Brett Blackstock, Kendra Flavel, Hailee Hayes, Mark Nebeker, Maggie Reynolds, Anna Rodriguez, Alyssa Shankel, Heather Skovgard, Kim Ware, Kaisa Werner, and Josh Winger

Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship – Full Tuition

Amanda Reynolds, Samantha Roberts, Mackenzie Peace, Max Blitman, Zack Reynolds, Madeline Tolbert

Washington Leadership Conference Advisory Committee Scholarship – $500 each

Cassie Drake , Jared Schwartz, and Dustin Zabel – $350

Awards were given to those individuals who proved to be outstanding FFA members with phenomenal SAE’s and contributed to their community, while maintaining their grades at school. Awards were also received by those members of the community who have aided the chapter in many events.

Letter Awards:

1st Year

Tiara Benson, Donna Christopherson, Macy Hagler, Alexis Hengel, Kylie Hill, Charlie Hukill, Andrew Leavitt, Spencer Hukill, Geri Mills, Whitney Raver, Libby Reynolds, CeCe Spangler, Kendra Summerall, and Shannon Tully

2nd Year

Holly Barrus, Ben Christensen, Cassie Curtis, Emily Curtis, Austin Drake, Chelsea Dye, Aaron Emmert, Andrea Johnson, Nate Kessel, Mel McPherson, Zak Moffat, Mikayla Nevers, Caitlyn Shankel, Kayla Simper, Hannah Waldal, Dallin Warnick, Kameron Wartman, Camille Werner, Henry Wilson, and Dustin Zabel

3rd Year

Kristina Artley, Max Blitman, Qwyn Christensen, Mackenzie Peace, Amanda Reynolds, Samantha Roberts, Jared Schwartz, Dalaney Soto, Tanner Thorton, Madeling Tolbert, and Zackary Reynolds

4th Year

Chris Ball, Brett Berheim, Brett Blackstock, Kevin Brown, Kendra Flavel, Jenica Hagler, Mark Nebeker, Maggie Reynolds, Anna Rodriguez, Alyssa Shankel, Heather Skovgard, Kim Ware, Kaisa Werner, and Josh Winger


Swine – Aaron Emmert, Sheep – Samantha Roberts, Beef – Dustin Zabel, Equine – Cassie Curtis, Diversified Livestock – Mackenzie Peace, Poultry – Linda Zantman, Dairy – Kendra Summerall, Specialty Crop – Zackary Moffat, Diversified Crop – Ben Christensen, Veterinarian Science and Agri-Science Animal System Research – Dalaney Soto, Creed Speaking – Carli Ashley, Extemporaneous Speaking – Max Blitman, Prepared Public Speaking – Amanda Reynolds

Star Chapter Green hand – Kendra Summerall

Star Chapter Ag Placement – Aaron Emmert

Star Chapter in Agri-Business – Madeline Tolbert

Star Chapter Farmer – Mackenzie Peace

Distinguished Service Award – Jerry and Angie Berheim

The Berheim’s have been long-time supporters of our FFA chapter and can be found helping at almost every chapter activity. The Berheims have done a phenomenal job with banquet and fair decorations. Their willingness to work around their kids’ busy FFA and church schedules is deeply appreciated.

Workhorse Award – Mackenzie Peace

Honorary Members:

Miss Stephens, Patty Hagler and Rod Nettinga, Ted Hagler, Mike and Laura Shankel, Brian and Joan Reynolds, Rick and Karen Brown, Robert and Jill Ware, and Andy and Lupe Rodriguez

Kuna FFA Chapter officers run, maintain, and help ensure the success of the chapter. Every officer has his/her own duties to fulfill and be shining examples to fellow FFA members. Their duties are not only chapter related but also to contribute and be involved in the community.

The 2012-13 Officer Team:

    • President – Zackary Reynolds
    • Vice President – Samantha Roberts
    • Secretary – Amanda Reynolds
    • Treasure – Max Blitman
    • Reporter – Mackenzie Peace
    • Sentinel – Aaron Emmert
    • Asst. Reporter – Chelsea Dye
    • Scrapbook Reporter – Caitlyn Shankel
    • Sergeant at Arms – Austin Drake
    • Parliamentarian – Henry Wilson
    • Historian – Libby Reynolds, Macy Hagler, and Dustin Zabel

Special thanks to everyone who sponsored awards and helped with decorations; Larry and Margaret Roberts, Bernie and Rita Ball, Dave and Mary Reynolds, Advisory Council, Advisory Committee, Jim and Mary Simpson, Don and Mary Johnson, Lavar and Wilma Thorton, Justin and Allison Touchstone, Alan and Debra Magee, Layne and Lori Thorton, Richard and Kathy Jordan, McPherson Farms, family of Loyd Brown, Berheim Family, Cobler Family, Ray and Jill Nebeker, and the advisors Joe Blackstock, Shawn Dygert, and Travis Edwards. The Kuna FFA is excited for a new year and the upcoming contests.