by Maggie Reynolds – Kuna FFA Reporter

The Kuna FFA scholarship auction was held Monday, September 26th. We were able to raise more than $28,200 that will be used to provide scholarships for travel and college. We would like to thank everyone who supported this event by donating items, money, and time. The Kuna FFA would like to specifically thank:

  • Clouss family for organizing buyer numbers and books
  • Auctioneers Ted Wheeler and Chris Brown
  • Hal Harris and Doyle McPherson for spotting bidders
  • The Kuna FFA advisory committee
  • Rita Ball and Robin Roberts for running computers

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event successful. We appreciate all of the support from the Kuna community!

2011 Donors:

Amsoil Superior Synthetics
Ashley Glass Co.
Bar J Wranglers
Big O Tire
 Blooms and Balloons
Burk’s Tractor
Campbell Tractor
Canyon Honda
Creekside Peregrine Steak & Spirits
Crop Production Services
Custom Rx Pharmacy
Footprint Photography
Francis Family Dental
Freedom Fitness
G & R Ag Products
Greens Sand & Gravel
Grouchy Old Woman
Hair Hanger
Hefty Seed Company
Idacrest Dairy
Knit One – Quilt Two
Kuna Dental
Kuna Hardware
Kuna Lumber
Kuna Melba News
Landview Fertilizer
Legacy Feed & Fuel
Legacy Seeds Inc.
Les Schwab Tire Center
Meridian FFA
Meridian Lanes
Mountain View Equipment
Moxie Java
Pacific Steel
Papa Murphy’s
Pawn Broker
Pet Care Clinic
Pet Inn Place
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Premium Pork
Rain For Rent
Reynolds Bros. Angus
Rustic Gardens
Simplot Soil Builders
Stewart Dairy
Swan Falls Family Dentistry
Sweet Pepper Ranch
Taco Bell
Tole Shed
Valley Agronomics LLC
Valley Wide
Valley Wide co-op
Wakefield Meats
Zacharisen Seed, Inc.
Greenfield Custom Meat
O’Reilly Auto Parts
Sierra Trading Post
UPS Store
icki’s Uptown Coffee
Agri Lines
Ann Durrant
Annette Dygert
Bernie & Rita Ball
Big D Ranch
Bill Graham
Blanche Kuhlman
Brenda Blitman
Brett Berheim
Caren Durrant
Darlene and George Hobbs
Dave & Karla Reynolds
David Patten
Debra Plane
Denese Durrant
Don and Mary Johnson
Glen Alleman
Glen Edwards
Glen Vanderwoude
Jay and Beth Hummel
Jerry and Angie Berheim
John Harding
Kristine Edwards
Larry & Margaret Roberts
Larry Christensen
Linda Wheeler
Marie Willis
Patty Hamm
Rita Ball
Rodriguez Family
Sandy Warfield
Scott Weaver
Sharon Avery
Tami Conkin
Tom Zahradnicek

2011 Buyers:

Andrew Hayes
Angus Hill
Ann Wartman
Ballard & Co
Bernie & Rita Ball
Bill Ware
Bob Drake
Brad & Lisa Thornton
Brian & Joan Reynolds
Bruce Durrant
Bruce Holland
Bryan & Holly Bell
Bryce Yamamoto
Charlie Connolly
Chris & Bev Emmert
Chuck Johnson
Dale & Mary Reynolds
Dallas & Flo Chaney
Dan & Brenda Blitman
Dan Sample
Darilyn Nally
Dave & Karla Reynolds
Diana Cullin
Diana Sanders
Don & Mary Johnson
Dorothy Skovgard
Doug & Tammy Croft
Doyle Mcpherson
Earl & Patty Hamm
Eric Dorsey
Erick McKague
Frasier Transport Inc.
Garry & Fern Drake
Geoff & Kelly Glenn
George and Darlene Hobbs
Glen & Kris Edwards
Greg & Joann Curtis
Indian Creek/Bob Faddis
Irene McDonell
J & Marlene Clouss
Janie Arnold
Jason Tully
Jay & Beth Hummel
Jeff & Shelly Skogsberg
Jerry & Angie Berheim
Jerry Summerall
Jim & Mary Simpson
Jim Allen
Joe & Shannon Blacktock
Joe Beavers
John Harding
John McPherson
John Van Nortwick
Josh Sanders
Julie Skovegard
Justin & Allison Touchtone
Kathy Coops
Katie Leavitt
Kelli Goodman
Larry & Margaret Roberts
Larry Christensen
Laura Shankel
Lavar Thornton
Layne Thornton
Les Schwab
Linda Barinaga
Lloyd Stubbs
Louis Andrada
LydiaAnn Durrant
Matt Brechwald
Neil Durrant
Norm Johnson
Oscar Baumhoff
Pat Flavel
Pat Reed
Patty Hagler
Phil Durrant
Ralph Mellin
Renee Yzagari
Richard Cardoza
Richard K. Durrant
Rick & Cari Zabel
Rick & Kristi Morino
Rick Waitley
Rob Berheim
Robert & Angie Hukill
Robert & Jill Ware
Robert Nelson
Rock Smith
Ron & Roma Zabel
Ron Bauer
Ron Coles
Sandy Warfield
Saron Fisher
Scott & Nicola McIntosh
Scott Henderson
Shane Robins
Sharon Brower
Shawn & Annette Dygert
Shelli Murmford
Sheri Russell
Shon & Karen Ashley
Sophie Garsvo
Steve Beier
Ted & Linda Wheeler
Tiffany York
Tim and Debbie Lowber
Tina Moffat
Tina Townley
Trey & Robin Roberts
Wendy Johnson
Wes Barrows