6pm Dinner/Silent Auction

7pm Live Auction

Online Auction: September 23 – 30, 2022


    To bid on online items: 

    1. Click the link to go to the auction website
    2. Returning bidders login; New bidders register as a bidder
    3. Confirm your bidder registration (confirmation email will be sent to your email account)
    4. Select “ONLINE AUCTION” from the menu
    5. Click the “Bid Now” button to enter a bid on an item



    Online Auction Rules:

    • Online auction will close on Friday, September 30, 2022.
    • Notifications – the online auction system will automatically email notifications to bidders when they have been outbid or have won the final bid.
    • Soft Close – if a bidder bids on an item within the last minute of bidding, the bidding time will be extended by 2 minutes to give other bidders a chance to respond. The item will officially close when no bids are posted during the final minute of bidding.
    • Following the auction, items will be available for pick up at the KHS ag department unless winning bidders make other arrangements with the FFA advisors. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card at time of pickup.



    $2500+ DONORS

    Taco Bell


    $250+ DONORS

    Chris & Bev Emmert

    Aspen Engineers

    Bill & Jean Blattner

    Dan & Brenda Blitman

    Marilyn Brown

    Kim & Bill Cozad

    Mitchell & Kendra DeCory

    Ann Durrant

    Bryce & Carly Durrant

    Jerry & Alicia Flavel

    Pat Flavel

    Randy Hettinga

    Bruce Holland

    Chuck Johnson

    Mike & Rebecca Lane

    Greg & Katie McPherson

    John McPherson

    Maria Mendez

    Dani Mendiola

    Ryan Mitchell

    Ray & Jill Nebeker

    Mark Nebeker

    Tony & Neva Noe

    Jessica & Dusty Creel

    Mary Reynolds

    Trey & Robin Roberts

    Thomas Sidener

    James Simpson

    Kristy Stahlke

    System Klean

    Steve & Maggie Weekes

    Brian & Mindy Williams

    Geoff & Kelly Glenn

    $100+ DONORS

    Toby & Jan Ashley

    Chris & Samantha Ball

    Jerry & Angie Berheim

    Ronald Blackner

    Joe & Shannon Blackstock

    Jack & Lori Blattner

    Alicia Carver

    Ron Coles

    NCC Concrete Construction

    Robert Dechenne

    Glen Edwards

    Steven Fisher

    Deann Greany

    Kelly Green

    Michelle Gumm

    Macy Hagler

    Mark Harbest

    Greg Harris

    Paulette Henderson

    Bruce Holland

    Misty Hudon

    Kara Hurst

    Kim Knight

    Mike & Rebecca Lane

    Allan Magee

    James Marker

    Doyle McPherson

    Becca Pike

    Shane Robins

    Wendy Rowland

    Laurie Smith

    Justin & Allison Touchstone

    Jason & Gena Tulley

    Bill & Alberta Ware

    Jared & Hillary Waters

    Ted & Linda Wheeler

    Ron & Roma Zabel

    $50+ DONORS

    Roxanne Berheim

    Aaron Edwards

    Victoria’s Tacos

    Sandie & Dale Bell

    Wendy Johnson

    $1,000+ DONORS

    Amanda Rae Reynolds Memorial in memory of Hailey King

    Matt Brechwald – Off Farm Income

    Tim Crawford

    Richard Durrant

    Jerry Gibson

    Amanda Rae Reynolds Memorial

    Greg & Bobbi Wooten


    $500+ DONORS

    Deana Alleman

    Bernie & Rita Ball

    Neil & Melissa Durrant

    Glen Edwards

    Kristine Edwards

    Don & Jenn Fernald

    Crystal Floyd

    Bob Friday

    Dan & Katherine Jenkins

    Mary Johnson

    Larry Roberts

    Vern Stroebel

    John VanderWoude

    Duane Yamamoto